Your Input Requested: First Nation Name Change

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We are the Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg!(?)

Ahnii Band Members.

The purpose of this message is to request your input on a proposed official name change for our First Nation.

 For many years we have been identified by the name that was imposed on us by the government of Canada. As part of our efforts in rebuilding our strength and identity as a Nation, the Council has been exploring the opportunity to restore our traditional name.

The extensive historical research that we have completed over the years reveals that our ancestors identified as being the people of the first lake (now known as White Lake) up from the big lake (Superior), or other similar variations of this. There have been a few different ways of capturing this in our traditional language that have been used over the years, including “Netimasakomik” or “Netimasakomik Anishinabek”, but we have continued to identify as “Pic Mobert”.

Council recently commissioned an Ojibwe Language expert, John Paul Montano, to conduct a study and advise on the correct spelling based on the dialect of Ojiwe that is unique to our area and People.  Based on this research, we have determined that our traditional name is:

 Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg

The Council is proposing to officially adopt our traditional name, after which we would no longer use “Pic Mobert.”

The Gimaa Kwe and Council are looking for your comments and input.

Do you support the change to our traditional name?

Do you agree with the spelling “Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg”?

Please let us know what you think!

Please respond by June 12, 2018.

Chi Miigwetch!

Gimaa Kwe Johanna Desmoulin & Members of the Band Council

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