Chief and Council Members Sign Oaths of Office

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As part of their commitment to accountability, the Chief and Council recently signed an oath of office (see linked copies, below).

This oath confirms the various commitments and obligations that each of the Council members have pledged to you, the Band membership.

This oath is closely related to the Chief and Council policy (see also this website).

See signed copies of the Oaths below.

Pic Mobert First Nation OATH OF OFFICE

I, __________________________________________, do solemnly swear and affirm that I will support and defend the laws, values and policies of the Pic Mobert First Nation; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to same; and that:

  1. I will faithfully, honestly and consistently perform the duties of my office to the best of my judgment and ability, remembering that my primary duty is to serve the Pic Mobert First Nation;
  2. I will promote and uphold the integrity and dignity of the Pic Mobert First Nation and its programs and employees;
  3. I will not allow any private interest to influence my conduct in public matters of the Pic Mobert First Nation. I will promptly disclose any “conflict of interest”, direct or indirect financial interest I have in a matter; and I will not participate in the discussion of the matter and will note vote in respect of the matter;
  4. I will honor, respect and support the “Elders” of the Pic Mobert First Nation;
  5. I will show respect for the authority of the government (Chief & Council) and other governance structures of the First Nation, and members of any elected and/or appointed members of any governance structures;
  6. I will carry out my duties and responsibilities in an honourable and professional manneR;
  7. I will be prompt, courteous and temperate in the performance of my duties;
  8. I will maintain respect for my colleagues, the managers and employees of the pic Mobert First Nation;
  9. I will demonstrate and practice honesty, fairness, respect, justice and objectivity in my involvement in the governance affairs of the pic Mobert First Nation;
  10. I will continually work toward self-improvement and professional development.
  11. I will not publicly criticize the decisions, laws and policies of the pic Mobert First Nation. If I feel that changes would be advisable, I will provide constructive criticism or suggestion through the proper channels and processes
  12. I will use information obtained on the job for the intended purpose only. I will not give out official, classified or confidential information only unless this has been authorized by the pic Mobert First Nation.
  13. I will be accountable to the Pic Mobert First Nation membership including reporting to the electorate on a regular basis.
  14. I am qualified to hold the position of Chief/Council in accordance with the provisions for candidate eligibility under the Indian Act and/or such other legislation and/or codes that may apply to the First Nation, as amended from time to time.
  15. I have not, by myself or any other person, knowingly contravened any applicable legislation or code in relation to my election to office.
  16. I acknowledge that as an elected official, I am a role model in the community, and as such I will live a lifestyle that is healthy and free of the use, abuse, sale or distribution of illegal drugs and other toxic substances during my term of office.

I do further affirm that I take this Oath of Office freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.  By the Grace of our Creator I do swear!

Signed Copies of this Oath of Office:

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