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Employment Opportunities

(One Year Contracts with Potential for Extension; Pending Funding Approval)


  • Project Coordinator (1)
  • Project Administrator (1)

Supercom Industries LP, as represented by its general partner, Supercom Industries Corp., is a First Nation venture co-owned by the First Nations whose collective territories will be impacted by the construction and operation of the planned East-West Tie Transmission Project that will extend between Wawa and Thunder Bay.

Under the terms of agreements between the owner of the project, the constructors and the proximate First Nations, significant opportunities for training and employment of Indigenous persons will be provided. As a priority concern, Supercom is now seeking to hire a core team of professionals of leading the development of a detailed employment and training strategy including a communications and awareness strategy.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Project Coordinator will provide overall leadership and management of the process of engaging the communities and other stakeholders in development the employment and training strategy including:

  1. Prepare a current analysis and description of the occupational requirements of the project, and opportunities for First Nations and other Aboriginal peoples, on the project by:
    1. Reviewing Nextbridge documents (for example, the Environmental Assessment) and consult with Nextbridge personnel and their suppliers (e.g. environmental and engineering consultants);
    2. Consulting with the bidders on the project (general contractors, prime subcontractors, Supercom subcontract partners)
    3. Consulting with any unions that might have jurisdiction on the project.
  2. Review the various employee data bases that may be available to utilize for purposes of the EWT (e.g. AETS, Nokkiwin, First Nations, Origin, etc.) and select one – develop related user agreements and protocols as may be required to facilitate use of access and confidentiality,sharing of information.
  3. Develop an intake form for purposes of updating and maintaining current the selected data base.
    1. Prepare and deliver a community awareness program to promote employment and training opportunities – this may include social media tools, press releases, information sessions/”hiring halls” in each of the communities.
    2. Plan and hold a community driven energy/infrastructure conference.
  4. Carry out the intake process for potential employees and trainees and build out the data base.
  5. Complete a gap analysis based on the baseline data base – available/interested persons vs. current capabilities, challenges.
  6. Develop training solutions to address the gap analysis including a workplan to ensure related activities are completed on a timely basis – the training plan will consider:
    1. Pre-skills training – e.g. life skills, academic upgrading, healing and wellness interventions, etc.;
    2. Advanced skills training, that may be delivered through a combination of:
      1. Programs delivered by the College;
      2. Programs delivered by private trainers, optimally from the communities;
      3. Programs internal to the general contractors, subcontractors (will require consultation with these parties).
  7. Develop an implementation strategy and structure that:
    1. Is coordinated/managed by an entity that is mandated by the proximate nations to do so (i.e. Supercom) and is appropriately resourced and staffed to carry out this mandate;
    2. Builds on and utilizes the capabilities of existing organizations (e.g. College, AETS, AABO, etc.);
    3. Is based on MOU’s, protocols, etc. that might facilitate and clarify related roles and relationships

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • A minimum 2 year post secondary diploma in Human Services or relevant field of study
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in education, professional training, or related field
  • Previous work experience utilizing a case management model is desired
  • Knowledge of theory, principles, and practices of career transition, counseling, and career training and development preferred
  • Familiarity with available community resources in service delivery area
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to make sound decisions in a timely manner
  • Ability to work effectively within a team approach to community development
  • Ability to work independently
  • A well-defined sense of diplomacy, including solid negotiation, conflict resolution and people management skills
  • Computer literacy, including effective working skills of MS Word, Excel, email, and database management.
  • Excellent teamwork and team building skills
  • High degree of resourcefulness, flexibility, and adaptability
  • Ability to write proposals and reports
  • Politically and culturally sensitive
  • High level of critical and logical thinking, analysis, and/or reasoning to identify underlying principles, reasons, or facts
  • Strong morals and ethics, along with a commitment to privacy
  • Must be able to be depended upon to plan and organize work effectively and ensure its completion
  • Must hold a valid driver’s license, access to a reliable vehicle and be available for overnight travel and irregular work hours throughout the concerned region.

The Project Administrator will provide a wide range of administrative and logistical support to the Project Coordinator, and will have 3-5 years of administrative and secretarial experience, be an excellent communicator, both oral and written, have strong computer skills, and also be available for irregular work hours and overnight travel.

Applications from members of the proximate First Nations, including Pic River, Pic Mobert, Fort William, Pays Plat, Red Rock and Michipicoten, are strongly encouraged.

The location of employment can be at any location within the region and we will work with the successful candidates to arrange same, although the Project Coordinator and administrative assistant will need to work from the same work space.

A completive wage will be paid.

If you are interested, please submit a current resume and at least 3 references, along with a cover letter explaining how your qualifications meet our requirements, to the following by 3:00 p.m., Friday, May 5, 2017 to:

Mr. Matt Dupuis
Telephone: (807) 372-0004

Only persons selected for an interview will be contacted.

Interviews for the Coordinator position will be held in Thunder Bay, Ontario on May 11, 2017.
The positions are expected to commence by the end of May, 2017, and applicants must be available within these timeframes.

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